We take our work seriously...but not so much that we lose the connection with where we're from.

NORSE is based in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Our main office is a converted space in an old logging hotel, and on any given day our director may have to stop for wild turkeys in the road during his drive to town. If something needs doing, we roll up our sleeves and get it done, even if it means spending the rest of the day with a little dirt under our fingernails.

the NORSE team

We have an amazing team of professionals we partner with which allows us to scale up or down depending on your project’s unique needs. Our director works closely with each one to ensure the end result is exactly what the project requires.



Brand Identity
Graphic & Artistic Design
Brand Strategy&Positioning
Web Design & Development
Environments & Spaces
Creative Consulting


FOUNDER / Creative Director / Lead Designer

Ron is a passionate storyteller and lifelong native of the Pacific Northwest. After years of working in the non-profit sector where he helped several organizations find their voice, connect with their audiences and refresh their identities, he formed NORSE Creative out of a desire to help businesses and organizations raise the bars they set for themselves. 

Ron synthesizes an innovative perspective with an authentic approach, distilling a brand's narrative down to its core message and conveying it in a way that resonates with an audience. His ability to work across multiple disciplines allows him to bring a holistic perspective and well-balanced set of skills to every project, enabling him to see the multitude number of ways a brand's persona should be applied in any given situation. 

He is quite fond of rugged landscapes, natural history museums and well-crafted IPAs.